Christmas Deliveries and Order Schedule

As we are leading up to December, we have had a few people ask about when we are going to start taking orders for Christmas. Here is all the information you need to know:
  • We will be introducing our NEW Christmas Veg Box to make it easier for you. We will have four sizes - small, medium, large and extra large. The product is live so you can see the content
  • The Christmas Veg Box will go live on Sunday 1st November. All other Veg Boxes will continue to run alongside. - NOW LIVE
  • All delivery dates up to Saturday 9th January will be available to book when the box goes live. The Christmas Box will then be phased out. - ALL DATES ARE NOW AVALIABLE
  • All deliveries will finish on Wednesday 23rd December and resume on Tuesday 29th December. So please make sure you are stocked up!
If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask - here


  • A big thank you for our deliveries since March;we were also shielding so having our vegetables and fruit brought to the door has been a great help. We were so pleased that you decided to carry on with household delivery.

    Karen Hopper
  • We would like to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU for all the deliveries and wonderful produce you have supplied to us since March 2020. Your services have been invaluable to us as we had to shield for months. Receiving your wonderful produce was a life saver. The produce is always wonderfully fresh and the best of British. We looked to you out of necessity but will always use your service as a matter of choice from thereon in. We can’t recommend you highly enough..thank you once again.

    Sharon Forgan
  • We would like to thank you for all the deliveries since March, you have never let us down and have changed my way of shopping, it’s such a great pleasure to have vegetables and fruit from Uk, in the summer your runner beans were unbelievably good, and now it’s winter my favourite sprouts, again thank you so much

    Yvonne Clark

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